Mission Blue Foundation is a non- profit organization that is dedicated towards the conservation of water in the state of Jharkhand. Our Vision To create awareness, innovate, design, implement programs & impact government policy of Water Conservation.

Jharkhand Yuva Sadan

The most awaited moment disseminating the dias , for the youths is here .

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Total Projects

We have completed various projects on conservation of water in the state of Jharkhand.

Total Projects

10 +

Total Volunteers

Join Us! Help us raise awareness about the water crisis among the people.

Total Volunteers

100 +

Future Plans

Our Plan is of generating employment through tribal art and culture.

Future Plans

1 M +

What We Do

Mission Blue Foundation has helped more than 1,00,000 population with dry ration, medicines, and other essential items. Show your support to our frontliners and help underprivileges

Dr. Pankaj Soni

Dr. Pankaj Soni


"When we are together, empowerment is possible."

Mission Blue Foundation is all about empowerment. We respect every small effort, and are always ready to help everyone who’s in need. We have always striven to aware others. It has been six years, and there is a long way to go.

Jharkhand Yuva Sadan

This event will act as a platform for the youth to speak up and make an impact on the change agenda for the state. The platform will inspire the youth to express their views in an organized way. This event is an effort to bridge the gap between policy makers of today with those of tomorrow. Our aim is to transform Jharkhand into a participative democracy and hence we chose to start from the grass root level – the youth of Jharkhand. Through numerous seminars, workshops, simulated parliamentary debates on bills and interaction with public authorities, we get enthusiastic youth of today to understand know-how of policy making. It will also allow for the emergence of bright future leaders.

Our Major Causes

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Covid-19 Relief measures for the migrant labourers

Mission Blue Foundation has helped about one lac population with dry rations, medicines, and other essential items. Added to that, our water helpline and baby food helpline is totally operational. We are on our toes in providing food, slippers and medical aid to the poors who are arriving via trains and buses in the State. We believe that helping others is the way we help ourselves.

Employment Generation Through Tribal Culture

Jharkhand has a copious amount of tribal talent hidden – in its music, dance forms, clothing styles and the tribal art. Mission Blue Foundation uses the resplendent culture of the state to create employment avenues for the locals. By pitching in, we also help them restore their dignity and affirm their existence at the same time.

Mission Blue Foundation Jharkhand

Mission Blue Foundation, in its various endeavours, had made its message of conserving water because ‘Every Drop Counts.’ In a time where we take many things for granted, our work is an eye-opener for all of us, so that we too do our bit to preserve this limited life-saving resource.

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A word of appreciation and acknowledgement from our supporters acts as a  mountain of strength and adds confidence to our team in action.

" My best wishes to the Mission Blue Foundation for their highly appreciated work of helping everyone in the State so selflessly."
Pankaj Tripathy
Bollywood Actor
"The true sense of selflessness reflects in the activities and causes of Mission Blue Foundation. We are Glad to be associated with Mission Blue Foundation."
Mrs Rinku Khemka
Director Suvidha Super Mart
"Mission Blue Foundation team's effort is commendable for making the Assembly of Yuva Sadan a reality in Jharkhand."
Rai Mahimapat Ray
Deputy Commissioner Ranchi
"During these tough times, the Mission Blue Foundation is doing a highly commendable humanitarian service."
Yashpal Sharma
Bollywood Actor

Our Supporters

A big thank you for believing in our cause.